Compounders: The Anatomy of a Multibagger

Joining the Ranks of the Great Industrial Technology Companies with Tom Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: MIR)

April 6, 2022

Our guest on the show today is Tom Logan, the CEO of Mirion Technologies. Mirion was founded in 2005 and Tom has been the company’s only CEO over that period of time. Mirion is a global leader in radiation measurement, serving end markets such as nuclear, life sciences, healthcare and industrial. Mirion recently became publicly traded via a SPAC, but unlike many other de-SPACed companies, Mirion has a long operating history and generates positive EBITDA. The company has had to weather a number of headwinds over Tom’s tenure, including the Great Financial Crisis, the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, and of course COVID. Despite that, the company has grown consistently through organic and inorganic means and expanded its margins meaningfully. With all of that as a backdrop, I was excited to talk to Tom about:

  • The current state of the base of nuclear power plants around the world and how the Russia-Ukraine conflict is impacting nuclear policy;
  • How the company is positioning itself to grow within the medical end market;
  • What he has learned from Mirion Chairman Larry Kingsley, who achieved tremendous success as CEO of IDEX and Pall Corp.;
  • The elements of the business model that lead to sticky, recurring revenue; and
  • How the company hopes to achieve its mid-single digit growth algorithm

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